929 Eats is a Project created by Michael Mattis  & his company to help local  restaurants that have been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Their goal is to find restaurants who are still open for business,  find out their main offerings are, and help them deliver that info to the people who matters most, THE PATRONS. We know that once a customers dines in, and has a great experience they’ll come back time and time again to get more of what they love. But as of right now most customers may not be aware that your business is still open, take online orders and are even able to deliver. That’s where we come. By uploading your information to our website for FREE, we can share that info with residents in the community and alert them thru social media and online advertisement. 5x as many people are online now more than ever before. Having a LOCAL GUIDE  like us to get the word out you can inform your die hard patrons about:

  • Change in stores hours
  • Curbside pick up
  • Take online orders
  • Company promotions
  • Online coupons
  • Holidays discounts
  • Birthday Deals
  • New Products launches

Just think about the Elderly couple that moved into the neighborhood 4 months ago; they want to order italian food, but they don’t know the area that well. Furthermore, they don’t want to drive, their not tech-savvy so they don’t know how to use Yelp or Uber Eats. They’re hungry, but they dont want to cook and they don’t know where to turn. So having us as a  local guide, they’ll know all the important and up to date information. When you list your business for FREE on our website, we will share it on social media to make your die hard customers know that your Restaurant is sill open and are able to deliver at specific times during the week. For Restaurants who order a Premium Listing, You will get ongoing monthly promotion which includes us making daily posts to lets customers know about your breakfast, lunch, or dinner specials.

Promote My Restaurant

Is your Restaurant still open for Business? Lets get the word out to the residents in the community. We’ll build you a road map that shows you how to take your current Dinner Specials, showcase it online for more visibility, and broadcast it to your your beloved patrons so you can get more foot traffic & Online orders